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Civil Engineers

As professional engineers, the staff of Ashenhurst Nouwens Limited provide a full range of civil engineering services. The firm’s background and experience in land surveying and building design means it can offer clients counsel and services at every stage of residential, commercial and industrial projects – from initial concept, survey, infrastructure and site designs through project supervision and legal survey to finished development.

Infrastructure – sewers, water, utilities and roads – is crucial to successful development. Ashenhurst Nouwens’s engineers are familiar with every aspect of infrastructure design and construction, including the impact of provincial and municipal planning requirements on new developments and the need to plan for, and manage, the construction and installation of infrastructure in the most efficient and cost-effective sequence.

Ashenhurst Nouwens’s engineers understand all the factors involved in bringing residential, commercial and industrial projects to a successful completion – particularly the need to effectively integrate infrastructure and site designs into the development concept as well as site and building plans.

Typical Individual Engineering Services: