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Ashenhurst Nouwens Ltd. is a progressive Professional Engineering and Land Surveying company located in Hamilton, Ontario. It provides professional engineering and land surveying services to various levels of government and private enterprise. Building design services are also provided, including residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The company is authorized by the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario to provide professional engineering services and by the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors to provide cadastral Land Surveys.

Incorporated in 1982, Ashenhurst Nouwens Ltd. is the successor to H.B. Ashenhurst, a Consulting Professional Engineer and Ontario Land Surveyor. H.B. Ashenhurst had provided similar services in the Hamilton-Wentworth Region since 1956. Since incorporation, the firm has experienced steady growth in volume, range and size of the projects undertaken.

John P. Nouwens, O.L.S.

John’s degree is in Engineering, Surveying and Town and Urban Planning from the University of Holland. After coming to Canada in 1977 he obtained his commission as an Ontario Land Surveyor in 1979. Before coming to Canada, John was a Town Surveyor/Engineer for 8 years in Holland. As such he has extensive experience in horizontal and vertical control networks. During this time he completed the horizontal and vertical control network for the 75 square kilometres that the Town encompassed and checked and interpreted the plans of aerial photographs. John’s work experience in Canada has included cadastral surveying, engineering surveys and topographical surveys as is normal for a mixed surveying and engineering company.

Guido Consoli, O.L.S., C.L.S., O.L.I.P., B. Tech.

Guido graduated from Ryerson University in 1975, obtained additional credits to complete his O.L.S. and C.L.S. from the University of Toronto. He has established three survey companies; one in Toronto, a business in Hamilton and a business in Burlington (during the period of 1985 to 1997). He has worked with the association of Ontario Land surveyors as a Plans Examiner and with the association of Canada Lands Surveyor as the Executive Director. In the last ten years he has managed survey firms in Bermuda, Toronto, Etobicoke and Oakville. He has extensive experience and knowledge of cadastral surveying, engineering surveys and topographical surveys.

Don Senft, B.Eng, P.Eng

Don graduated from McMaster University in 1971, and has worked with the company and the predecessor company since that time. He has extensive experience in the many facets of land development for both engineering and surveying. This includes preliminary studies, detailed engineering design, liaison with government agencies, and construction tendering and contract administration. He is experienced in computer applications for drafting, survey and engineering design, digital terrain modeling and storm water management.

Marc Nouwens, O.L.S., O.L.I.P, P. Eng

Marc graduated from McMaster University in 1997, with a Bachelors of Engineering specializing in Civil Engineer. He obtained his professional designation in engineering in 2001. Marc was commissioned by the AOLS in 2002. Marc has worked with the company since graduating from McMaster. He has extensive experience in many branches of land development including brown field and green field development.

Milos Trkulja, P. Eng

Milos is a graduate from Technical University of Brno, Czech Republic 1976, with a Masters degree in Building Engineering. In 1982 he immigrated to Canada and joined Ashenhurst Nouwens Limited in 1983, working as an instrument operator and Party Chief of a Survey Crew working on Residential and Land Development projects. In 2000 Milos obtained his Professional Engineer designation. In recent years he has provided such services as custom house design as well as designs for production builders, other projects include Townhouses, small commercial design, site plans and site servicing plans.